Mark Krause, PGA Professional

Learn from the Best

Over 47 Years of Experience

Do you Desire:

  • to see your ball curve right to left instead of left to right?
  • to hit it further with less effort?
  • to no longer feel sore in your arm or back when you are done playing?
  • to really understand cause and effect instead of what family and friends are telling you that doesn’t work consistently? 
  • to hit a bad shot and know what you really did wrong?

You’ve come to the right place!

My approach:

I believe that the only way to teach is by explanation.  Nobody learns or remembers well if just told what to do.  There must be an explanation accompanied by a reason for everything being taught. Besides being able to explain necessary changes in at least five different ways I use other sports that the student is more familiar with to help in the comprehension of the suggested change.

My first lesson with any student always starts out with you hitting a few balls, then explaining to me what you think you should be doing in the swing.  You then hit a few more balls and when a subpar shot was hit, you are asked: what do you think you did wrong and what are you going to do to change the result. Getting these answers goes a long way to explaining to me why your motion is what it is.  

From there I will fix your foundation and then sit back to see how much improvement you have without me touching your swing.  Each lesson thereafter will be working on a maximum of two changes.  

For every shot you hit during any lesson, I am always making sure your foundation is correct.  If not, I will correct it before you swing.  During any lesson I always welcome your feedback in regards to how it felt and what you think you did wrong and right in the motion of each swing.

I understand that most students are taking a lesson to learn how to be more consistent in their ball flight and solidness of contact.  They are not trying to shoot par.  They are just trying to have more enjoyment during their rounds.  Yes, I do  work with and improve the best of players but I really enjoy teaching people what it takes to have the ball curve right to left and go further than they ever have before. 

Guarantee: If you do not see an improvement in your ball striking in the first lesson, I will not charge you.

A piece of advice. Never book a series of lessons with a new teacher.  Take a lesson, see how you get along and if you feel he/she will help you improve.  At the end of the first lesson is when you might want to purchase a series.

Contact info:, 414-425-6500

Private Instruction:

Juniors (17 & Under) – 30 min | $40

Adults – 60min | $80

Group Lessons also available, inquire within!