Men’s Club

Non-Member Registration Fee: The fee is $85 which includes 4 events and a WSGA handicap.  Play the weeks you wish.  We start the first week of May and finish the last weekend of September.

Tee Times: Shotgun start at 8am each Saturday. Sign-up no later than the Thursday prior to the event. Play will be in foursomes.

Entry Fee: $12.00 of which $1.00 of each week’s entry will be put aside for the end of the year shootout.

Payoff: take $1 off the top for season ending shootout.  Take 12% of the $12 entry and save for end of season trophies.  Payoff each week with half in cash and half in pro shop credits.

Side Event: is always gross and net skins.  Four holes will be drawn each week for the skins game.  If you have the lowest net or gross score on any of these four holes you will win 1/4 to all of the skin money depending on how many skins there were.

Pairings: You can always stipulate one person you wish to play with. Sometimes, the Pro Shop will complete the pairings for your group and other times you will be able to compose your whole foursome.

Ties: Any ties for a payoff spot will be broken by using your net score on the back nine. If there is still a tie, we use your net score on the last 3 holes of play.

Goal: To increase camaraderie while running events and making pairings so all players have a chance to win.

No Shows: If the weather is good and a call was not made at least 24 hours in advance, the member will be charged a greens fee but no entry fee.

Non-Member Participation: A non-member can participate in men’s club for a period of one year provided he pays a regular greens fee, $35.00 for a handicap and $50 to cover 5 entry fees. Total owed $85.00.

Handicap: Tournament handicap will be used if a person has a minimum of 5 tournament scores posted, otherwise your regular WSGA handicap will be used. Trend handicap will be used if tournament scores cannot be used.

Posting of Scores: Scores must be posted at the end of the round.  Failure to do so will cause an adjustment in your handicap.

Members are encouraged to bring a guest to play in Men’s Club events. The guest must have a USGA approved handicap. This handicap will be adjusted to the Muskego Lakes CC slope rating and then 90% of that handicap will be used for the event. The same guest cannot play more than twice a year unless he joins the Men’s Club for the appropriate fees.

Included with your membership is a handicap. It takes at least 5 scores to have a WSGA handicap. It is your responsibility to post and adjust every 18 hole round you play, whether it be at MLCC or another golf course. If you do not have a handicap you will not be allowed to play in any events until 5 scores have been posted.

Slow Play: Nothing aggravates a person more than playing behind a group that is playing slow. The tournament committee has decided that a person who is habitually slow will be warned by Mark. If slow play persists you will be informed that you are not allowed to play in any events for a period of 2 weeks.

Below are listed suggested ways to keep your pace up to what is expected (4 hours and 20 minutes maximum):

  1. Forget about honors except on par 3’s and in match play.
  2. Go to your ball if you are not in the way of a person hitting.
  3. Drop a person at their ball when driving a cart & go to yours.
  4. Park your cart on the side of green closest to the next tee.
  5. Examine your putt before it is your turn, so you are ready to play.
  6. Putt continuously if not in someone else’s line.
  7. Mark the scores at the next tee box or thereafter when time allows.
  8. One practice swing is all you should need. Instead of taking multiple practice swings, spend more time setting up to the ball.
  9. Slow players & people normally arriving late will get the last tee time.

MLCC Local Rules:

  1. Ball or stance interfered with by irrigation line may be picked up and dropped.
  2. Ball coming to rest in a footprint in the sand trap or divot in the fairway may be lifted & placed.
  3. The area right of creek on #14 is deemed all lateral water hazard.
  4. Ball hitting overhead wires on holes #14 or #17 must be replayed.
  5. Yardage posts are movable obstructions if they are in the way of your ball or stance. If yardage plates interfere with your ball or stance then lift ball and drop it.
  6. 14 clubs in your bag is the limit.

Playing Rules: Summer rules always apply unless otherwise stipulated by the Pro Shop. Full USGA handicap will be used unless the event is best 2-ball of the foursome. In this case, 90% of your handicap will be in effect. Ball coming to rest in bare ground will be played as it lies unless the area has been circled in white paint or the ball is in the fairway. Ground under repair is any area circled in white paint or roped off. Any question as how to handle a situation, play two balls and ask for a ruling from the Pro Shop staff. Do not ask a playing partner the procedure unless there is no doubt.

Men’s Club Signup